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RO Water Purifier/ Water Filters in Alleppey/ Alappuzha, Kerala

Mahima Pure is a manufacturer of quality RO Water Purifiers & Water Filters and also had a network of dealers/suppliers/wholesellers in Alleppey/ Alappuzha, Kerala since 1995

Retailer and Manufacturer of RO Water Purifier/ Water Filters in Kerala

Mahima Pure is manufacturing quality RO Water Purifier/ Water Filter combining with the latest advanced technology that provides the purest water out from various water types.

Mahima Pure RO Water Purifier/ Water Filter adopts the Reverse Osmosis technology that helps in purifying and filtering the water by removing bacteria, virus, algae, fungi, organic matter, odor, metal and all sorts of contamination present in water.

Mahima Pure had designed the best quality RO Water Purifier/ Water Filter keeping in mind the water quality of Kerala so that their customers reseding in Kerala can always be satisfied with them. Currently we have retail outlet for RO Water Purifier/ Water Filter in Alleppey/ Alappuzha but wholesellers/ dealers/ suppliers can contact us for bulk enquiries. We are already supplying RO Water Purifier/ Water Filters to wholesellers, dealers & suppliers all over Kerala. Call now for best price.

Why Mahima Pure?

For us at Mahima Pure, our top priority has always been our precious clients and customers. Today also we are trying to understand the other requirements of customers, so that we can fulfill their needs to the fullest. We have always been trying hard to provide the best to our customer so that we can ensure complete satisfaction of our customers and their family well-being. We are the manufacturer and supplier of the widest range of RO Water Purifier as well as Water Filters that are made to suit your every requirement that leads to the safe and healthy style of living. We are the manufacturers in Alleppey trying our level best for making every family a healthy and happy family. Our only aim is to provide the best for our precious customers.


Team of Mahima Pure is committed towards their customers and thus they are always putting their best in providing quality product. Although, we are amanufacturer & wholeseller of the RO Water Purifier and Water Filter and supplying RO Water Purifiers/Filters to all over Kerala but we also have the best team to provide the best trouble free services along with economical maintenance to our domestic clients of Alleppey/Allapuzha and last but not the least superb warranty and guarantee we offers that we are sure you may not get from other supposed branded products. You can always welcome to check out for our wide range of RO Purifiers and Filters. You can compare and purchase the one that suits you the most. We are sure you will not be able to take off your hands from our products.

We are available for our customers personally, thus we inspect the quality of water, so that they can be professionally guided for the best product that will suit their customers. Our purifiers provide the purest and clean water using the advanced purification system that saves the precious time of the customer as well.

RO Water Purifier/Filter Dealer in Alleppey/Allapuzha

We are the manufacturer of RO in Alleppey/ Alappuzha that is also recognized as the hub of Kerala’s backwaters. The raw water here is tested thoroughly first and then with technological help its converted into drinking water that we can drink without any fear of contamination. Today, people know very well, that simply boiling the water can not remove the contamination that is present in it, thus for proper filtration a good water filter is required for each and every home. And as the dealer of water filter we make it a point that the product, we are selling is of the highest quality and true to its standards with superb warranty that you may not get elsewhere.

Water Quality in Kerala

In the rural areas, lowest quality of drinking water is available for local people which is a slow poison and can slowly damage kidney, bones, lever and can effect overall health. The sources from which water is supplied is mostly ground water, but they get polluted because of the sewage, pits, salt water intrusion, garbage, industrial waste and Kerala’s geographic location is also responsible for the bad water quality. Water in Kerala usually contains and contaminated with chemicals, bacterias, algae, virus and mineral and not only this the water here is also hard. Although the state has the highest rate of literacy in the country, some people ares still unaware of the water contamination that is present in the drinking water.

Consumption of Polluted Water can lead to following Waterborne Disease

Chemicals like magnesium, Silicon, Fluroide, phosphate, chloride, sulfate, calcium and Iron are present in the water. If the quantity of these chemicals increases in the human body, then they may cause numerous health related disasters that may completely disturb the system of the body and may even cause skin related diseases. Arsenic salt present in the polluted water may cause cancer, mercury in water causes blindness, deafness, increase of iron may cause nausea, cadmium may affect the kidney, fluoride causes fluorosis, silver present in the water may cause lung or liver related disease of damage and barium carbonate affect the heart, nerves as well as veins. Magnesium present in water can cause memory loss, disease related to eye and worst of all impotence. Thus to stay safe and away from the waterborne diseases it has become must for having an efficient Water Purifier/Filter in your house.