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We are a dealer of RO/Water Purifier & provide AMC & Quality Service of RO Water Purifiers in Alappey/Alapuzha,Cherthala, Harippad, Kayamkulam, Mavelikara Thiruvalla, Changanaseery,Kollam, Karunagapally, Kottayam, Pathanamthitta & Kollam, Kerala.

Following is the list of areas where we offer Sale & Service like residential/retail sale of RO and Service & AMC of RO (we service almost ll brands). Call us if you are searching for:

  • RO Water Purifier Sale & Service in Alappey/Alapuzha
  • RO Water Purifier Sale & Service in Cherthala
  • RO Water Purifier Sale & Service in Harippad
  • RO Water Purifier Sale & Service in Kayamkulam
  • RO Water Purifier Sale & Service in Mavelikara
  • RO Water Purifier Sale & Service in Thiruvalla
  • RO Water Purifier Sale & Service in Changanaseery
  • RO Water Purifier Sale & Service in Kollam
  • RO Water Purifier Sale & Service in Karunagapally
  • RO Water Purifier Sale & Service in Kottayam
  • RO Water Purifier Sale & Service in Pathanamthitta
  • RO Water Purifier Sale & Service in Kollam

We deal in range of very High Quality RO Water Purifiers which can be compared with any branded RO Water Purifiers available in India, backed with international standard of after sales service. We provide quality service of RO Water Purifiers & always use best quality RO parts and accessories. Call us for Service/AMC of your RO Water Purifier.

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Things to keep in mind while buying an RO

With so much chemical as well as bacterial contamination in water, it is imperative that we buy a water purifier that completely eliminates all the above and makes H2O germ and chemical free and can be safe for drinking. In this article, we discuss the steps that need to be taken before buying an RO system.

There are two types of water categories, Hard water and Soft water, hard water comes from bore wells, and soft water from rivers. Hard water is not easy to drink as it contains a high amount of chemical as well as bacteria, this kind of water has to be rid of harmful chemical and thus, it needs the combined technology of RO + UV.

How RO (Reverse Osmosis)/Water Purifier Works.

The emphasis of this article is on Reverse osmosis (RO), a new age purification technology that has become a part of our drinking water life. It explains the complete functionality of the RO system to purify water and make it suitable for drinking.

The reverse osmosis process is an ingenious filtration process, this system was used in the past to desalinate water on a large scale, but in years its technology was perfected to soften water for residential drinking purposes. This technology is used in most of the purification processes.

Which Ro you need, RO or Water Purifier & with UV or Without UV

Consumers need to be made aware of the type of water filters they would need for their household purposes. There are many factors on which this decision has to be made, buying the wrong filter would result in waste of money of the consumer, there is a huge market for these kind of purifiers in India.

The plants are not up to the mark to decontaminate water, and thus effective water purifiers are required, be it homes, restaurants, industries, hotels, or any other work place, there has to be clean water present for drinking. Many of the people use mineral water cans for their homes, these cans come in 5litre, 10litre and 20litre sizes.

RO Service: How RO Service is done.

An RO (reverse osmosis) system is a complex piece of technology and it needs to be handled and maintained very carefully. This article talks about keeping your water purifier operational.

An RO system is termed as reverse osmosis, it is used as a water purification technique with the help of a semi permeable membrane. There are many parts in this piece of machinery that is very expensive and hard to get. The main parts of this system would be pre & post filters, automatic shut-off valves, check valves, flow resistors, an integrated circuit and the storage tank.