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Technical parameters
  • Voltage supply: 220V, 50Hz
  • Noise level: = 42db
  • Power rating: 32W
  • Ions:8,000,000 ions/cm3
  • Product size:305*330*170(mm)
  • Net weight:3.85KG
  • Applicable area:30m2
  • Air flow volume:240m3/h

  • HEPA: Absorbs particulate down to 0.0001mm like pollen, drifting dust and germs with purification efficiency of up to 99.9%.
  • Photo Catalyst: Restrain the activation of the virus effectively.
  • Activated carbon: Catalyze and decompose the harmful gas like formaldehyde, H2S, NH3 efficiently.
  • Ozone: It generates around 50mg ozone per hour removing the organic odor effectively and increasing the quantity of oxygen in the air.
  • Ions: More than 8 million negative ions are generated per second makes you a fresh environment at home.
  • Aroma: There is a solid aroma box to emit fresh and natural floral perfume.

Technical innovation
  • Washable ion generator: There are 4 carbon fibre heads to generate ions and also can be cleaned easily. So it ensures the high density of ions being generated continuously.
  • Replaceable ozone generator: The ozone generator is replaceable which makes its longevity 22 times more than the traditional ones.
  • HEPA filter: It is made of the new PP raw material and static fibreglass with the theine distillate which can restrain the allergen and bacteria on the filter.
  • Photo catalyst: The semiconductor of TiO2 which can oxygen the red cell of the bacteria and restrain the activity of the viruses is the main material of the photo catalyst.
  • Activated carbon: It is biosynthesized from the walnut shell. The adsorption area of the activated carbon in the unit is up to 300,000 square meters.