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With 6 purification process the Pure Zone – 351 is a ultimate Air Purifier for your Residence. It succeeds all the purifying technologies like the washable ionizer, HEPA, PCO, ESP, CarbonTio 2 and also adopts the replaceable ozone generator. This series of Air Purifier gives you complete protection against almost all kind of air pollution.

Technical parameters

  • Voltage: 220
  • Watts: 12w
  • Size: 510x120x215mm
  • Weight: 3.8kgm
  • Noise: less then40db
  • App area coverage: 350sft
  • Air flow: 120cbm/hr
  • Ions: 2x10 6/ccm

  • HEPA: Absorbs particulate down to 0.0001mm like pollen, drifting dust and germs with purification efficiency of up to 99.9%.
  • Photo Catalyst: Restrain the activation of the virus effectively.
  • Activated carbon: Catalyze and decompose the harmful gas like formaldehyde, H2S, NH3 efficiently.
  • UV light: The sterilization rate is more than 97.6%.
  • Ions: More than 8 million negative ions are generated per second makes you a fresh environment at home.